Recent and Past Works

Two Spirit Transformation Blessing

Exhibited at Unsettled- Queer Arts Festival 2017

Two Spirit Transformation Blessing

“Two-Spirit Transformation Blessing” is a visual manifestation of my Two-Spirit identity. It breaks the colonial narrative of duality and the black and white lines that define gender. The spiritual and physical are both present, not as separate entities but as a whole. My Two-Spirit identity does not exist because of my queerness, be it gender or sexual in nature, it exists because my identity co-habits my spirituality. My spirit does not have a fixed gender. My spirit does not have a fixed sexuality. My name from birth is Raven, through my cultural protocols and indigenous heritage this shaped me as a person, my spiritual ties guided and shaped me as I grew. With the Raven as my guide, I have grown to be a teacher, leader, trickster, and transformer. The figure raises all of its hands up to give thanks and bless the viewer, to lend its proud, loving and defiant power to those who have been unable to connect with those identities and connections that have been lost to colonization.

Listen to the Earth

Donning beaver and deerskin, these indigenous headphones let you feel closer to the land.

Totally Legit Native Art Exhibition

A Co-curated show by Raven John, Xch’e’ Balam and Ryan McKenna held at Emily Carr Universities Concourse gallery from March 15th to 22nd 2013.

I Like Your Status Exhibition



An exhbition at the concourse gallery at Emily Carr University held March 16th 2012 to March 24th 2012. Co-curated by Raven Joh, Lou-ann Neel and Agnes Seaweed Wisden.


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