Stop Motion Animation

I worked as lead sculptor for

Amanda Spotted Fawn Strong on

a number of projects. The films

we collaborated on have gone on

to be in TIFF (in the TIFF top ten)

have recieved multiple awards

and been exhibited all across



Amandas work has laid the

groundwork for indigenous

creators everywhere, their ongoing body of work firmly establishes

a crutial and much needed indigenous voice in film, animation and

multimedia works. Biiabaan and Four Faces of the Moon currently have their sets and puppets on display at the Museum of Anthropology.


© Copyright 2023. No animals were harmed in the making

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Biidaaban and Sasquatch

I sculpted the lead puppets for this stop motion which featured in TIFFs top ten of 2018, for more information follow the link below.

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