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Your Digital Casters and Brewers

The Digital Cauldron Collective came together to mix it up in the VR and Digital theatre landscape, established in 2021 the core trio assembled to present their path of transformation and transcendence from physical barriers in gender, time and space through a multi format presentation of Orlando, on stage, in person, on screen and in the Virtual worlds of AltspaceVR through the Oculus Quest. Since then the Casters have been hosting VR workshops and making waves in multiple planes of reality.

The Mixers and Brewers


Our Mandate

Digital Cauldron is a collective of misfits and magic makers. Created by intersectional artists with a Feminine experience of the world, both in its glory and subjugation.


The relationships of settlers, be they immigrants, refugees, or old-stock Canadians and Indigenous peoples, have always been fraught with tension in this settler colonial state. Our collective is established on both complicating and healing these relationships from our disability justice informed collaboration process to the works that we create together. This reflects an active commitment to reimagining our present and future with accountability and care. We are committed to decolonization, radical love, and a clear understanding of and dismantling of power relationships that have disenfranchised and disconnected the current people of this land, be they indigenous or settlers. Our voices and works call out the systems of oppression through passion, joy, humour and tenderness.

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