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XR Related Projects

Current Works made using Virtual Reality tech.

Ravens Gift

Made in Unreal Engine 5.1 , with assets sculpted using a Quest Pro and SketchLabs and Blender. I made this film during the Virtual production program put on IM4Labs in 2023. Music by Alex Fairything Masse, and featuring art by Cole Pauls, Michelle Stoney Gitxsan, JoeJr, and DJ Kookum

Holes In Your Umbrella

Poem by Michaela Washburn, acting and wolf designed by Ateekah

A collaboration with made possible through lemonTree Creations, developed on a Quest Pro in FigminXR,

Drawn Out

A Mixed Reality instillation over a sculpture that was exhibited at Vancouvers Queer Arts Festivals "bumfuzzled monachopsis: innerspace out" and Maury Young Arts Centres "Reconcile This"  , Song is Raven Clan Welcome by Edzi'u

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